Group Photo


Take a Group Photo
Step inside and take a photo in our custom Mobile Art Museum. Enjoy 1-3 minutes to record your post for social media or take a selfie using your phone or small personal camera.

Group Selfie includes:

- up to 3 minutes inside The Vault
- Take photos with your personal camera or phone
- Interact with the Art
- Experience like none other!

Group up to (4) people: $25.00

UPGRADE: Get a Professional Shot!

Take advantage of our on-site photographer and get your photo taken in style. Use the 1-3 minutes time to pose and interact with the art while the photographer takes approx. 5-7 photos of you and your group. Digital photos can be sent directly to your phone via airdrop/link for instant posting!
Review the photos at the end and you receive your top photo printed and framed in minutes!

Group PRO Photo includes:

- up to 3 minutes inside The Vault
- Digital photos sent via airdrop/link
- (1) 4x6 Photo Prints
- (1) Photo Frame

Group up to (4) People: $40.00